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Supermarkets: floor coverings for food stores

Supermarkets or convenience stores, food retailers need floor coverings that offer a good compromise between comfort, safety and resistance. As raised access flooring specialists, Gerflor has designed ranges to meet all these requirements while being particularly quick to install without interrupting business.

Making life easier for customers and staff

With technical and innovative ranges, Gerflor offers floor coverings to supermarkets and food stores that will meet their customers', staff and managers' requirements:

  • Quick installation of easy-to-install flooring to avoid store closures and the associated loss of sales
  • The comfort of floor coverings designed to reduce footstep and rolling noise for staff, customers and the vicinity
  • The safety of flooring that reduces the risk of slipping and breaking glass
  • Floor coverings created with the resistance to withstand intense traffic, heavy loads and to be long-lasting

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Gerflor is committed to the environment
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Gerflor's teams have always put customers and the environment at the heart of their concerns. Our floor coverings, wall solutions and finishing elements are designed to last as long as possible, to make life easier for users, and to protect their health.

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