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Floor coverings for the hotel industry

Designed for hotel managers, employees and guests, our flooring serves all of the establishment's users by offering excellent performance in terms of ease of maintenance, comfort and design. 

Combining practicality and style

To furnish very busy corridors, rooms that are cleaned very regularly, restaurants with strict hygiene requirements, we design ultra-efficient flooring:

  • Easy installation enabling a quick renovation so the renovated areas can be put back into operation as soon as possible 
  • Impeccably hygienic thanks to antibacterial and antiviral properties and surface treatments that facilitate maintenance 
  • A sleek design with a wide range of designs and colors and the option to customize to keep to your brand image
  • Acoustic comfort with impact sound reduction, ideal for your modular spaces and meeting rooms
  • Wellbeing linked to indoor air quality thanks to very restricted VOC emission levels 
  • Safety with a product range designed to facilitate access for all guests in the different areas of the hotel (handrails, signage, tactile tracks, etc.)

Corridors - our recommendations

Communal kitchen - our recommendations

Stateroom, assembly room - our recommendations

Bar, restaurant - our recommendations

Toilets - our recommendations

Laundry, storehouse - our recommendations

Reception - our recommendations

Stairs - our recommendations

Fitness room - our recommendations

Bedroom - our recommendations

Gerflor is committed to the environment
we care/we act

Gerflor's teams have always put customers and the environment at the heart of their concerns. Our floor coverings, wall solutions and finishing elements are designed to last as long as possible, to make life easier for users, and to protect their health.

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Gerflor creates, manufactures, and brings to market innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall coverings, and accessories, from installation to finishings for commercial environments.


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