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New rigid interlocking

The Creation All in 1 collection offers an interlocking range with 2 technologies:

Creation All in 1 is also an new rigid interlocking offer with 2 technologies: Creation Solid Clic and Creation Rigid Acoustic.


Creation Solid Clic

New Duo Core 2.0 construction

  • More rigid for renovation on existing subfloor, more robust for installation in front of bay windows.
  • Still soft surface for walking comfort and easy cutting

New patented Clic System

  • More silent for installation in busy areas, more suitable for installation on underlayers (All in one acoustic solution with Gerflor underlayers).
  • Still patented with vertical clic on short side with the possibility to replace a tile/plank after installation.

Acoustic underlay compatible with Creation Solid Clic

The All Acoustics in 1 solution:

  • The comfort layer with Solid Clic's Duocore 2.0 for low walking noise
  • A complete range of acoustic underlay up to 19dB

The Acoustic Plus underlay :

  • 19dB
  • 100% recyclable
  • 47% recycled content

Creation Solid Clic products

Creation Rigid Acoustic

Rigid board for heavy renovation and robust installation in front of bay windows. Integrated acoustic backing for 19dB impact sound reduction.

Exclusive on Creation 40 Rigid Acoustic:

  • Patented RCB Technology : 30% less weight than standard Rigid…still the best performances
  • Soft damp surface for better walking comfort

Creation Rigid Acoustic products

Compare the strengths of each product and make the best choice for your project


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